We provide real-time data that enables political leaders and corporate sector managers to make focused decisions.

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We offer real-time data that will assist political leaders and corporate sector managers in making focused decisions

Why Politus Analytics?

Politus Analytics provides data in three dimensions that are relevant to a large number of topics; time, space and depth. Data obtained from social media and made representative of the relevant population provides users with very valuable insights.

Geolocation (Location)

You can create focused action plans thanks to detailed geographical data on the basis of province and district.

Real-time and Historical Data (Time)

The platform provides the data you need in real time. You can instantly observe the trends in question or the positive/negative reactions related to the subjects you are interested in, and shape your strategy instantly. Thanks to both real and historical content, you can follow the trend changes in the long term.

Subject Detailed (Depth)

Thanks to the various subject categories, you can study in-depth about the trend you are interested in and analyze the details that help you understand the causes of temporal changes.


With Multi-Level Regression and Poststratification (MRP) analysis, you can get rid of the noise of social media data. The platform ensures that the data you need represents the relevant target group. Thus, you can distinguish between social media trends and the projected versions of these trends to the real population, and you can see both separately.


Politus Analytics provides accurate voter and consumer information in a single dashboard.

Voter Behavior:

Voters' behaviors and preferences cannot be considered independent of facts such as values, feelings, beliefs and ideology. All of this data can be filtered through nested categories and viewed in a single dashboard. Approval Rates: Political leaders, parties and municipalities can track real-time approval rates that can represent the real population.

Consumer Behavior:

Consumer sentiments and attitudes are segmented demographically for ease of understanding the perception of your brand and analyzing the segments you are targeting. Consumer segmentation, classified by industry, is defined quite accurately using network analysis.

Politus Dashboard

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